Maintaining Dental Air Rotars

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    How To Maintain an Air Rotor Dental Handpiece
    To maintain an efficient, productive dental practice, the proper functioning of the handpiece is crucial.

    You need to consider the list mentioned below to make your dental handpiece last longer:

    • Maintain ideal pressure on the dental chair to maintain the handpiece i.e. 2.8 bar or 40 Psi. Higher air pressure does not imply better output in cutting.
    • Prior to lubrication/ sterilization, careful cleaning of the handpiece prevents the handpiece from being damaged.
    • For rigorous lubrication and cleansing of the internal parts of the handpiece like cartridge and bearings, bur should be removed first.
    • <li style=”text-align: left;”>Care should be taken to disinfect any fiber optic surfaces of the LED handpiece with cotton swab and alcohol to prevent debris from building up which can impact transmission of light.

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