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    Alpha Dent Implants is an international company that develop and manufacture dental implants and supporting goods for dentists and implant users all over the world. The main manufactures are in Germany and England.

    A dentist founded the company in 2008. Before Alpha Dent launching the dentist created the market development strategy of available dental implants around the globe. In the same time, he opened his own manufacture with great capacity in order to develop the unique implants under the full production cycle conditions.
    The great team of like-minded people has been built in the first year of Alpha Dent existing. The team is still growing and entry new regions with new products. The basic structure of top managers working in the company has not changed.

    Today Alpha Dent Company has 17 offices in different countries and its numbers grown annually.
    The company is famous for its innovation in the field of development of new maxillofacial surgery technologies and dental implantology. Alpha Dent Implants was one of the first companies that introduced in the world market conical connection implant system (Morse taper) at reasonable price for patients with different social status.
    The global goal of the company is to make dental implantation procedure of high quality affordable worldwide
    In 2013, the company Alpha Dent Implants become a part of an international ABS Medical Corporation, which includes companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of medical products all over the globe.

    The main goal if Alpha Dent Implants company  in the international market is to enable all dentists and dental surgeons to  use the maximum of their potential for the professional skills improvement using universal system implant  that would be accessible to all patients.
    Alpha Dent Implants Company is a regular participant in dental exhibitions, public events and charity events around the world. The company actively supports veterans, people with disabilities and low-income people.



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