About us


Dentistry in todays world too has a humungous advantage with the advent of internet.

We come across quite a few websites related to dentistry on the internet, but very websites are actually dentist owned and managed. The purpose of our dental portal is to create a platform for dentists to interact and discuss cases daily.  Dentists can share and discuss their work and achievements. Case presentations of rare and difficult cases can be made. Case studies can be easily discussed by dentists from every corner in the world. Opinions can be asked and taken into consideration. Various videos and webcasts can be made available for viewing, learning and discussions.

We are hopeful that our dental forum will be helpful and serve as a means of collaborations and deliberations . Many more sections and modules will soon be added on the site and so do keep on visiting often.

If you encounter any difficulty in the usage of the forums pls revert back to us on : [email protected]

Happy surfing !!!

– Dr. Veerendra Darakh