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Tobacco Slogans

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•Not many youngsters use tobacco. BE a part of the crowd!!!
•Be proud to be tobacco free!
•Avoiding tobacco adds 20 years to the life of a teenager
•Choose Life Not Tobacco
•Be a smart investor! Save the cash - Avoid the trash!
•Be assertive! You have the right to breath the clean air!
•You are a smoker OR non smoker; Every cigarette is doing damage to you!!!
•Be smarter then cigarette industry! Fail them rather then falling yourself to their lies!!!
•Be in control! Improve your self-confidence!
•To have a tobacco free surrounding is everyone’s right!
Tobacco - Kill it before it kills you, leave it before you leave the world.
Saying NO! to Tobacco is a YES! to healthy living!

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Re: Tobacco Slogans

Defintely i agree...every dentist must advocate against tobacco..our youth really needs to open der eyes...we shud have a variety of posters to put up in our clinics

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