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i want to know abt continuing dental education in implants in india & abroad.

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dental tourism

i want to know more abt dental tourism.pros & cons of it ?

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Re: dental tourism

Medical and dental tourism is defined as moving to a country other than his country of residence to receive medical or dental care. Dental tourism is characterized by a global offer to include not only dental care but travel arrangements and post treatment care.

Dental tourism is defined as the act of travel and staying at least one night outside his place of habitual residence. We call those who made this trip "dental tourist". It is currently a global trend. People in rich countries such as USA, Canada and some countries in Western Europe visit poor countries like those in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Asia or South America to undergo esthetic surgery, general surgery, dental or eye treatment.

Thus, an increasing number of Europeans, Americans, Canadians, go, for example, to Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tunisia, India, Thailand, Hungary and Romania, to undergo aesthetic surgery or dental treatment and enjoy the stay. There are even travel agencies and tour operators who work in this field.
Dental Treatment India Get Huge 70%+ Savings and a Free Holiday

Dentistry costs are expensive in the US and Europe, but dental treatments can be done at a
fraction of the cost in India.

Dental treatment in India is therefore an attractive proposition. Patients can travel to India
have their treatments done and then enjoy a free holiday and maybe even have funds left over.

Dental tourism

Dental tourism has emerged due to lower international travel costs than ever before and the
fact that dental treatment is so expensive in many countries.

Unlike other medical tourism treatments such as heart surgery, recovery from the dentist is quick,
which means patients can enjoy their holiday to the full.

Patients now having dental treatments carried out in India are increasing due to high quality
service and low prices.

Lower costs

Dentists can charge up to $400 for a Dental Filling in USA & Europe.
It costs only $20 in India.
Root Canal treatment costs around $3,000 in the West but only $100 to $200 in India,
here are some more sample approximate costs:

Ceramic Veneers (1) $160
Dental Bleaching (Both Arches) $200
Dental implants (1) $800
Bridge / crown porcelain $400

World class treatment

Dental treatment in India however does not mean lower quality and treatments compare with any
in the world and are world class.

One reason why dental treatments in India have become so popular is the fact that many Indian
dentists practice in the West.

This builds confidence for patients thinking of taking medical tourism packages to India,
as they know the professionalism and expertise already, but also see the advantages of travelling
to India for the substantial reductions in cost.

Western dentists simply cannot compete

The reason India is able to offer such competitive prices is due to the fact that infrastructure
costs area a fraction of what they are in the West, as Indian dentists simply have a lower overhead
which is passed on as a cost saving to patients.

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Re: implantology

In India IGNOU offers Post Graduate Certificate Oral Implantology (PGCO), which i feel better then other hands on courses. you may visit www. for more details

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Re: Basic Implant Course And Advance Course

Dear Sir/Madam,
(I) 6 Days Basic Implant Course By Osstem Implamt With Live Surgery

Date 19th Jan To24th Jan 2010

Venue - Mumbai

(II) Osstem Advance Course In China (Beijing) and Tour To HongKong
(Trip Is Of 6 Days And 5 Nights) Includes

1) To And Fro Ticket (Mumbai-China-HongKong-Mumbai)
2) Hotel Accodomation & Food &Conference Charges (Mumbai-China-HongKong)
3) Visa Charges (Mumbai-China-HongKong)
4) Local Transport

NOTE : Room Will Be On Twin Sharing Bases

For Further Deatils And Packages For Courses

Contact - Kayyum Khan (Manger Sale) - 098190 - 40965

E-Mail Id -

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