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Wake Up KJo ., ,.

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Wake Up Sid is a watched-it-once-never-mind kind of film ., ., although it has a pretty good direction and satisfactory performances to it's bonus, the script is jus a mix of the DCH flavour to Waqt as the base ., ., the script lacks that its-different factor that every director likes to tag his film with ,. , ,. Common KJo, let ur productions turn out to be as good as you would want ur directions to be ., ., i personally am an admirer of Konkona Sens performances and appreciate her forray into commercial cinema (so that i get to see her in more films now) ., ., so it was paisa vasool for me ., ., and then i'm happy that KJo did not direct it, atleast it wasnt one of those films where in half the reel is burnt in capturing the stars crying in all possible styles possible ., ., lolz ., .,

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