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BABBARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ......... ! !!!

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i watched babbar last weekend . ,. , it is a north indian version of the famous Satya ., ., d entire reel is full of dreaded crime and dreadful gangsters ., .., . they play with guns jus like we did during chilhood for holi and diwali ., ., the best part was geting to watch many versatile artists in one movie . ,. , it was worth it with the likes of mithunda, om puri, tinu anand, sushant and others , all well known for their offbeat roles .,. ,. new guy soham has got a wooden body language (was it part of his character or was it since its his first movie is a doubt to me) ., ., i personally enjoyed om puri's performance ., ., watch if you can ., .,.

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