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PAA . ,.,

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Paa is an amazing movie , a must watch for each and every one ., ., although it has it's inspiration from the hollywood movie "the curious case of benjamin button" starring brad pitt, the only similarity between the 2 films lies in the fact that both have focussed on "progeria" . ,, paa has excellent performances by all the actors and a special ovation to mr amitabh bachchan for his touching performance . ,.. , R Balki has very effectively touched various social causes in just one film including progeria, politicians, media, early age pregnancy, parent child relationship, carreer - a speedbreaker in relationships, ., ., etc ., ., simply one of the best films i've watched in the past few months ., ., go watch it . .,

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Re: PAA . ,.,

Movie starts with a slow pace. First 30-45 min is difficult to pass. Film really makes some good shots of Auro & his class-mate; the scenes are better defined and add interest in film. One of the best scenes in the film is a telephone conversation between Auro and his best friend, in which the latter explains just how frustrated he is with his father.

A character of 12-13 year old Auro is well defined & well played. Amitabh included a new feather in his cap with AURO, all the praises to him. Abhi did well, showed now he is not a new to the industry. Vidya is as usual done justice with her role.

Film is more about Auro and how he guides his parents to get together again. Auro who leaves with his mother (Vidya) & grand-mother is suffering with a rare aging disease. He is a 12 year kid but looks like 60-65 year old man. At a school talent exhibition he gets trophy from MP and his father Amol Arte (Abhishek). Media coverage of school event creates problem for Auro and makes a reason for him to come closer to Amol Arte.

Amol Arte boyfriend of Vidya (Auro’s Mother) had suggested abortion as he was keen to follow his father who was a polititian. Amol wanted to join politics to change the country and face of Indian politics which required time so was not ready for marriage.

Now Amol is a MP and keen to do good work for country. He wants to change the face of Indian Politics due to that gets screwed by political rivalry and media.

Direction is good, except some boring and slow scenes at start. Movie goes with a normal pace. Some stretch of scenes and inclusion of less-relevant scenes give a feel of any how making a short story in a 3 hr Hindi film.

I would suggest worth seeing, if you like emotional drama with different story base & Amithab’s makeup as AURO. Movie should be watched for Auro and Amithab who really played the character at the best. I felt like ...

Dr Suresh Jodhpur

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