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Piercing the tongue, lip, or cheek could cause localized gingival recession.This not only can lead to an unattractive defect, but leaves the tooth root more vulnerable to decay and periodontal disease.
Researchers analyzed the case of a 26-year-old female who had localized gingival recession around the area of her lip piercing. The patient noticed soon after getting the oral barbell that her gums started to recede progressively in the area of the piercing. The barbell had direct contact with the area where the gums were receding. Since the patient's gingival recession was present only around the oral metal device, the piercing was considered to be the cause.
"Oral piercing has become a popular trend, and most people do not seek advice from a dental or medical professional prior to the piercing," Another important concern is hygienic maintenance of the pierced oral area. The mouth contains millions of bacteria, and infection is a common complication of oral piercing." Other consequences of oral piercing may include swelling, increased flow of saliva, pain, fractured teeth, interference with speech, and metal hypersensitivity. "Many people with oral piercing do not think about the harmful effects it can have on their oral and overall health.

Jodhpur Dental College,JNU

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Re: Piercing

one have to maintain excellent oral hygiene....

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