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Virtual Dental Expo

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Joined: 17 May 2015

Virtual Dental Expo , scheduled to open on 1st July 2015, is open 24/7/365 with FREE entry to visitors.  
About 1.5 million invitees will be invited.  It has Lobby, Lounges, Exhibition halls, Conference halls,
etworking Lounge, Education Lounge, Dental resources lounge , Dental tourism lounge, Dental specialities 
lounge -  for Global Exhibitors.  This is first of its kind for the global dental industry.   

In the Education wing Colleges/Universities, Private academies, , MDS coaching, Coaching centres for
admission to foreign universities, CAD/CAM training centres and Practice Management booths will be
available.  Exhibitors can participate and chat with the visitors, intro-video can be run in the booths.

Conventional trade fairs also can participate and invite visitors to attend their fairs.
Manufacturers, Traders dealing in all equipments/products in used in different dental specialities 
can participate in  seprate exhibition hall for each speciality- Exhibitors are invited to participate
Visitors and paticipants please do email for further information

Please join and invite your friends to join for regular updates 
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Virtual Dental Expo


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Virtual Dental Expo