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A vaccine that may end tooth decay forever??

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 As per the research conducted at the Forsyth Institute in US , a vaccine that targets the bacterium ' mutans streptococci' has been developed.

Mechanism of action  : This vaccine teaches the immune system to make antibodies that kills the enzyme which enable the bacteria to stick to the teeth ,

since unable to cling to the enamel, bacteria gets washed away by saliva and teeth are protected.

Trials: Rats given this vaccine in experiments developed almost no cavities,  trials conducted on people also had similar effect.

Indication: In children under age of 1 year but before plaque bacteria has been established.

According to Dr Daniel Smith of Forsyth Institute : If given to children at young age, it may prevent colonization of plaque bacteria altogether.

But would this vaccine be effective for the permanent teeth other than the 1st permanent molar???

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