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Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System

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Virtually every crown and bridge impression requires some hemostasis and retraction at the peridental tissues in order to expose the margins for effective visibility and access. If the laboratory technician cannot clearly identify the margins, the restoration will not fit and the dentist will, at best, spend valuable chair time adjusting the marginal area. A lack of marginal adaptation can cause redecay and early crown failure. Originally, hemostasis and retraction were 2 separate procedures. Hemostasis was required to stop fluids that could interfere with the set and the accuracy of the impression material from entering the sulcus. Retraction of the gingival tissue was needed to develop adequate space for the impression material to deposit in sufficient thickness to create a stable impression for the lab technician. Premier Dental Products has introduced the Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System, which provides both predictable hemostasis and soft-tissue management in just minutes. Traxodent paste contains 15% aluminum chloride, an effective hemostatic and astringent that does not irritate or discolor surrounding tissues. The absorbent paste displaces the tissues around the margin and works synergistically with the astringent aluminum chloride to effect predictable retraction of gingival tissues. Traxodent expands to several times its original size but avoids pressure on sensitive gingival tissues. The soft paste produces gentle pressure on the sulcus while at the same time wicking extra crevicular fluid. While Traxodent occupies the sulcus, fluid is concurrently absorbed. After 2 minutes, the material is rinsed away, leaving an open, retracted, and dryable sulcus. No expensive guns or cartridges are required. Each ergonomic Traxodent syringe is supplied with replaceable, bendable tips providing excellent access into every area of the mouth. Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System facilitates impressions.

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