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Transcodent Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles

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Ah, the joys of the intraoral injection. Dental anesthesia has made dentistry comfortable enough for the vast majority of the population such that dentistry and dental treatment are no longer as feared or disliked as they once were. However, this dental fear (or phobia) has, for many patients, transferred into an apprehension and dislike of the dental injection itself. Typically, the dental injection is the precursor to minor dental/oral surgery (restorations, endodontics, periodontics, and gingival curettage, among others) numerous times every single day. For the patient, the injection is a sharp, pointy object penetrating the soft, sensitive tissues as it delivers the anesthetic. Transcodent has introduced its Transcodent Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles. They are single-use sterile needles for delivering dental anesthesia. The needles are ground to a 3-edged lancet that allows them to readily penetrate the tissues. Less trauma upon penetration means less discomfort for the patient. Further, the canula is siliconized to make its glide through the tissues smoother and less uncomfortably for the patient. As expected, patients generally report that the Painless Steel Needles seem to cause less discomfort than earlier products. Painless Steel Needles undergo ethylene oxide sterilization and are delivered in a heat-sealed needle container to eliminate possible contamination. The bevel mark on each syringe provides optimal syringe positioning for the dentist. Painless Steel Syringes are available in 3 gauges: 25, 27, and the practical 30. They are also offered in short and long in 25 and 27 gauge and the short and very useful extrashort (13 mm) in the 30 gauge. Transcodent Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles are dental injections made more comfortable. For more information, please visit the Web site For distributors, please visit

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