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"Tomorrow Tooth" Event- Rubber dam isolation and complete posterior quadrant dentistry workshop : 12, 13, 14 May

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 Isolation, Direct and Indirect Posterior Restorations 

Hands On Certification Course

(Tomorrow Tooth & ADEx)

Mumbai- 12th, 13th  & 14th May 17’

“We at Academy of Dental Expertise bring to you Dr Abdelrahman Ahmed Taufik, Tomorrow Tooth Mentor with Dr Shivangi Gajwani Jain for an exclusive Three day course on the principles of Biomimetics, in posterior tooth dentistry. This workshop will equip the dental professionals to choose and place effective, direct and indirect long lasting restorations, in perfect Rubber dam Isolation for replacing and replicating lost tooth structure. Join us for a unique experience combining interactive Lectures, demonstrations, hands-on sessions in clinical skills.”

Course Structure: (Limited participants Only)

Day 1: Rubber Dam Isolation

Topics covered: Isolation:

  • Why rubber dam isolation: need of the hour
  • Types of frames and when to use which
  • Medium or heavy dam
  • Winged or wingless clamps(when, which and how to use/apply)
  • Soft tissue retraction clamps
  • Floss: ligatures, uses and solutions
  • Teflon solution: How to control leakage
  • DME : Deep Margin Elevation
  • Double frame technique
  • Double Dam technique
  • Flowable composite : Uses in isolation


Demonstration and Hands On:

  • Quadrant Isolation using winged and wingless clamps
  • Use of soft tissue brinker retractor clamp
  • Learning floss ligature and Teflon use
  • Inversion technique


Day 2: Posterior Direct Composite restorations:


  • Total etch or self etch
  • Selective etch technique
  • How to overcome Hyper sensitivity
  • Dry or Wet dentin bonding protocols
  • Sclerotic dentin bonding

Modern Cavity Designs

Matrices and Wedges:

  • Why sectional and which matrices to use, where
  • Ring: From old metal to new V ring
  • No ring situations
  • Wooden wedge modification
  • Pre wedging
  • Diamond wedge revolution
  • Teflon wedges

Composite placement and application techniques:

  • Condensation
  • Smear
  • Injection(Heated composite)
  • Snow plow technique
  • Sonic fill
  • Bulk fill techniques
  • Final layer anatomy carving
  • Beauty of Stains
  • Polishing and finishing:
  • How to finish composite restorations without loss of anatomy
  • How to get highly polished surfaces
  • How to remove high points

Demonstration and Hands On:

  • Using sectional matrices with V ring perfect proximal contacts
  • Proximal wall building: to convert Class II cavity to Class I
  • Accurate and esthetic anatomy carving to incorporate minimal final adjustments
  • Use of stains
  • Finishing and Polishing the restoration


Day 3: Biomimetic Approach to Indirect Posterior Restorations


·          Material science and blurring lines between inlays, onlays, table tops and crowns.

·         Concept of occlusal veneers and veneerlays

·         Limitations of alloy restorations- PFM/zirconia

·         DME: Deep Margin Elevation for indirects

·         IDS: Immediate dentin sealing

·         Light polymerization: Lights and curing protocols

·         C-factor control

·         Basic preparation designs for indirect posterior restorations

-          Conservative designs/modified design philosophy

-          Tooth banking

-          Bevel or not to bevel

-          The peripheral seal concept in dentistry

-          Occlusal considerations

·         Shade selection

·         Vital Vs Root canal treated teeth

·         Impression techniques

·         Semi direct chairside restorations: Indirect Composite with die silicon

·         Composite Provisionals

·         Restoration: The 4 stage try in

·         Bonding protocols for indirect ceramic posterior restorations:

-          Biobase concept

-          Different generations of bonding agents

-          Conditioning of the restoration and the tooth

-          Heated composites as an option

·         Finishing and polishing protocol


-          Tooth Preparation for an Onlay

-          Try in and bonding of a pre fabricated onlay

Hands On : Models:

-          Tooth Preparation for an Onlay


Registration Details:

Date               : May 12, 13, 14  (Limited Seats)

Time              : 9.00am – 6:00pm

Venue            : Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai, India

Course Fee    : INR 27000/- 

                         (Certification by “Tomorrow Tooth” and ADEx).


Tel: 09321330133/09320027971/

Email: [email protected]

             [email protected]

Please Note:

On cancellation NO Refund

Limited attendance programme


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