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Tarkarli and Amboli in Konkan

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A vacation was long overdue and so this time we decided to go to Tarkarli, Sawantwadi and Amboli in Konkan. Konkan is a good place with plenty of greenery. The green cover is becoming less as the place is urbanizing at a brisk place.
Tarkarli is a good place to relax and unwind. Make sure that you book a resort which is near the beach. We stayed in MARINE OASIS which is very close to the beach. It is a quiet and a small resort and fairly well maintained (Maintainance requires some improvement although). The food was homely and not very spicy. The food service was slow. But visit Tarkarli only if you went to unwind and relax and if you are not in a hurry. Water sports are an attraction in Tarkarli. The sea water around Tarkarli was clean. Water sports are good fun although slightly expensive. If you are going for water sports make sure you know the exact price and be sure that you know what you are going to get. Our experience was fairly good except with para-sailing. Only after we entered the boat for para-sailing were we told that if you want a dip in the water you will be charged extra. We didn't opt for the dip anyway. It just did not make sense except it was a method to extract some more money from tourists. However the scuba diving operator was very rude to my son.
Overall the exploitation of tourists in Konkan is less than many other parts of India. It is difficult to say how long this would continue as the place is getting rapidly commercialized. The locals and the Gram Panchayat are taking care to ensure that the beaches do not turn into places of debauchery and do not become beaches like Goa. Hope they are able to maintain the beaches not only physically clean but also free of nudity, drugs, alcoholism and debauchery.
From Tarkarli we went to Sawantwadi and we spent a night there. We stayed in a place called MANGO 2. It was not a well maintained hotel at all. Housekeeping was sub-standard. Food was good but service was slow.
From Sawantwadi we went to Amboli and checked in JRD resort. It is a fairly well maintained place. The resort is spacious with a garden and a swimming pool. Amboli is not very crowded. The locals told us that the main tourist season was monsoon. We were told that the resorts are full during monsoon.
Overall Amboli is a place where you can just go unwind and relax in the resort. 
To all of these who are reading this blog I would like to offer the following guidelines
Make thorough enquiries from multiple sources. The more research you do the better it is for you. Tarkarli and Amboli are not very commercialized but by the time you actually read this blog things might have changed.
The places are developing rapidly. The tourist season is a few months in an year. The peak tourist season is when school children have holidays. So during the peak tourist season everything is expensive.  
I hope the above few lines help all ye dentists.
Veerendra Darakh
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