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Gemination also called as schizodontia, where Schiz refers - to split and dontia refers to tooth. Dental malformations relating to bigeminism, fused teeth, etc., have a prevalence of 0.5-5%, depending on geographic, racial or genetic factors. Gemination, also known as twinning, is a rare anomaly that arises when the tooth bud of a single tooth attempts to divide. The results may be an invagination of the crown, with partial division or in rare cases complete division throughout the crown and root producing identical structures. This in turn may influence the treatment to be provided. Its esthetic and functional implications usually require a complex endodontic, restorative, periodontal, surgical, and orthodontic treatment. Anomalies in the shape, size and number of teeth are more common in the so-called pediatric genetic syndromes, many of which are associated with mental retardation, but are also sometimes to be seen in apparently healthy individuals.[attachment=0]Fig 1 Upper anterior quadrant showing macrodontic 11.jpg[/attachment]


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