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Prevent oral cancer

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While cancer in its various forms is a highly dreaded disease, new breakthroughs in the field of medical science are constantly looking for ways to prevent its onset and spread. While its triggers are almost impossible to steer clear of, there are a few signs that can help arrest it. Macrobiotic research focuses on an integrative approach of medicine which takes into account a person's mind, body, spirit and other aspects of their lifestyle as contributing factors. Physicial and holistic cancer healing expert Dr Leigh Erin Connealy lists what doctors should address and look for while treating or identifying it.

1 Alkalinity
PH is a common gauge that is overlooked. A normal level is 7.4 to 7.43. This is the power of hydrogen, ranging from 1 to 14. The lower the number, the more acidic you are. The body should be more on the alkaline side for the systems to function at an optimum level. An acidic body is starved of oxygen and can breed cancerous cells.

2 Liver function
Liver function tests are elevated in people who are not well. Our liver is an orgen that helps detoxification. It acts as an army general and decides what to keep and what cells to eliminate. So the first sign for a doctor to identify is to make sure that the liver function test is normal, not elevated.

3 Sleep patterns
How you sleep is a big indicator of how healthy you are. This is because the body gets a chance to repair and detoxify while asleep. Melatonin (a hormone), produced at night is said to reduce stress, boost immunity, deepen sleep and promote longevity. Prolactin, another hormone produced at night, repairs the brain and keeps the immune system healthy. Seven to eight hours of continous sleep is reccomended. A restless or light sleeper has difficulty relaxing at night and this increases his chances to attracting cancerous multiplication. They should be checked for early signs of the disease and care should be taken to ensure a good night's rest.

4 Blood work
Doctors look at your natural killer cells, since they are at battle during an infection. If your diet is nutrient deficient, you'll have poor circulation and a fair amount of toxicity in the blood. Doctors should test for the C Reactive protient test, a marker for inflammation. This is when the body breaks down as a result of the attack. Blood sugar levels will determine the glucose you have in your blood. A lot of cancer cells thrive on high blood sugar levels.

5 Vitamin D levels
Low levels of this vitamin increases risk of cancer and reduces the body's ability to overcome the cancer, if you already have it. Low Vitamin D will affects the immune system, blood sugar levels and bones. It is also responsible for regulating processes within the body. Sunlight is an excellent source for it, so don't be afraid to sun it out.

6 Emotional conditions
When we're ill, doctors rarely delve into emotional aspects of a patient's life. Your relationship with your partner, work stress, emotional satisfaction are all factors that contribute to stress and can weaken immunity. It is essential to over come negative patterns and harmful triggers in order to create a healthy mind and body. It needs careful inspection.

7 Dietary habits
Doctors tend to overlook diet while treating a cancer patient. Macrobiotics has been called a cancer curing diet. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow adopted the diet after her father was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors tell you to eat anything from meats, to cheese, dairy and sugar. Food regulates hormones and is a major part of your brain chemistry. Getting the right sort of nutrients to combat cancerous infection and aid the growth of antibodies is essential to cure and prevent cancer. Someone with an unhealthy diet is also placed under a high risk category.

8 Your hormones
The adrenal gland located around the kidney is an endocrine glad responsible for secreting hormones that respond to stress and immunity levels. These are specific stress and immunity balancing hormones indicating the health of your adrenals. If these aren't functioning at their optimum capacity, your body is under threat as the. Then there is the thyroid, which regulates the metabolism of all your cells. People with lower levels of thyroid are at a higher risk of cancers.


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