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Practice Prosperity

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Let those two words settle a bit. Look at them in reverse, prosperity practice. As we embrace the season of giving and open hearts, think about your practice prosperity.

First, how would you and your team define practice prosperity? It is not all about the money. I have seen practice's that made a lot of money still be stressed, frustrated and unhappy. Here is an idea that I got from Dr. Joseph Murphy:

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Attract Prosperity

Practice prosperity means the "practice" of prosperity in your work. The way in which you enter your work space and how you interact with those in that space can be practice prosperity. Loving thoughts and actions attract prosperity. If you enter the space where you work with the thought "This person is doing the best job they currently know how to do," your day will go better. Yes, this even applies to the patient with the grunge mouth and dragon breath. If you accept that you may not know their whole story (maybe you don't want to, but that is another issue.), you can be there to serve them without the green cloud of judgment.

Measure Prosperity

How do you measure prosperity? Prosperity includes the ability to do good work, the love of family and friends, the honor to beof being in a health care service profession where your work makes a difference in the lives of your patients; and the health to practice your profession. Too often we take things for granted and nitpick small stuff so much that we make ourselves miserable in our own blessed life.

Gratitude Attitude

One of the life coaches that I worked with years ago asked me to keep a gratitude journal. She asked me buy a small journal to go at my bedside. Each night before bed, I was to write down something that I was grateful for. This practice is a prosperity practice. Acknowledging the blessings or the things that you are grateful for creates a mental mindset of prosperity. You begin to look for the positive in people and in events every day. Therefore, you develop a gratitude attitude as a continual prosperity practice.

Prosperity Actions

You act prosperous when you live and take actions that are beyond "good enough." Acting with great generosity of service to others is a prosperous practice. Go to your workplace today and ask yourself, "how can I be of great service?" Is there a small comfort you can deliver to a patient? Is there a kind word that you can say to a co-worker? Is there a big smile you can give when you are feeling stressed? Are there special words of encouragement you can say to someone at work or at home? Where can you give service, care and concern? Share Your Practice Prosperity

One practice that I worked with chose a charitable project every quarter. The team was involved in choosing a project, and they invited the patients to participate. They delivered coats or blankets to the needy in the winter. They gave a whole family a Christmas dinner that the team cooked and delivered. They gathered items for the nursing home for both Mother's and Father's Day. They took toothbrushes and toothpaste to the local homeless shelter. Giving is a part of prosperity practice.

This holiday season look for ways to light up the life of your patients, your co-workers and your family as you practice prosperity.

Enjoy a prosperous holiday season.

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Linda Drevenstedt
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Linda Drevenstedt
Drevenstedt Consulting LLC
Ventura, CA