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Dear Doctors

In Japan, dental clinic is a tough place for children to deal with. Even though today’s dentistry has offering relax environment and painless treatment, many children feel uneasy to sit on the seat. And parents are having hard time to take their children to the dentist. However, some dentists and clinics have succeeded to make children wish to visit there.

Like other dentists, they treat children with their precise techniques and kindness, but they give children a tiny and charming gift, after their treatment. Children simply prefer clinics who give them a gift, and the gift more attractive and interesting to them.

We are offering Fun Eraser which is very popular item among not only Japanese children, but also every child in the world.
Fun Eraser is a high quality miniature eraser in various shapes. It is very cute, collectable, and kids really love them!

If you would have any interest in Fun Eraser, please take a look of our web site. We hope this wonderful item will be useful for your further business prosperity and to promote your clinic.


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