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A rare disorder that is classified under gingival enlargements.The gingiva are enlarged due to increased infiltration of plasma cells..however this is a conditioned enlargement, meaning that an irritating factor[read:plaque] has to be present.

Plasma cell gingivitis (PCG) is a rare condition characterized by diffuse and massive infiltration of plasma cells into the sub-epithelial gingival tissue.Clinically, the illness presents as a diffuse reddening together with oedematous swelling of the gingiva, with sharp demarcation along the muco-gingival border.Ulceration is rare in the pathologically changed gingiva. The etiology of PCG is not clear, but due to the obvious presence of plasma cells many authors are of the opinion that it is an immunological reaction to allergens; these latter may occur in toothpaste, chewing gum, mint pastels and certain foods. It has been suggested that strong spices and some herbs such as chilli, pepper and cardamom may be important factors. the conclusion, based on a material comprising 14 patients, that PCG is the result of an allergic reaction to bacterial plaque, even though this had been eliminated by means of conventional periodontal treatment.

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