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Ozone:Revolution in dentistry

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FAQs By Patient To Decide When To Upgrade Your Dental Set Up And Practise  OZONE DENTISTRY.

  1. Will it be a painful procedure?
  2. Cant you have solution other than taking heavy antibiotics?
  3. I don’t like medicines, do you have alternative to this?
  4. Will you be able to make my teeth whiter without using h2o2 just by cleaning?
  5. How safe is your treatment protocols?
  6. Is your clinic and set up completely sterile and disinfected?
  7. Do you use latest technologies in dentistry?
  8. Do you upgrade yourself frequently?
  9. Can you have a solution for faster healing of my pain and dental problem?
  10. I have a flight/event/interview tommorw can u make me free from the pain of this ulcer immediately or overnight atleast?
  11. I have a wedding soon can you do a non-side effects teeth whitening with no harm to my beautiful smile?
  12. Do you have a preventive treatment for my teeth which is more effective than just cleaning?
  13. In kids you give fluoride application or preventive pits filling what you do for adults to avoid cavities?
  14. What more precaution I should take doctor other than twice cleaning or brushing my teeth,dentist prescribed mouthwash,flossing and regular dental clean up visit by my dentist?
  15. Any good drinking water purifier you suggest or any good product for my health and my teeth?
  16. I have lot of dental problems what precautions should I take?
  17. My father smokes and drinks a lot and he is not convinced for my advises of quitting it , what best cleaning procedure can you do for him to make a dental visit to ur clinic for him?
  18. Do you have better set up than doctors in u.s. and u.k.?
  19. Do you follow protocols followed by abroad dental practitioners, what special protocols do you follow?
  20. How good cleaned and sterilized is this instrument which you are going to put in my mouth?
  21. Are these all liquids,chemnicals or materials safe,non-cancinogenic and free of side effects?
  22. Why these bad taste of this liquid which you put in my mouth?
  23. Don’t you use that rubber dam thing doctor like other ones, this liquids are going in my throat?
  24. Cant you use more cotton to prevent these liquids to go in my mouth , I have a gagging reflex?
  25. Don’t use that rubber dam thing in my mouth, please use some other adjuncts to that?
  26. Please if you pain me, I wont visit next?
  27. What are noninvasive treatments do you follow and do that?
  28. Can you completely kill all bacteria in my mouth, I don’t think my stubborn son will complete the dose of medication prescribed by you, after this root canal , it is now completely bacteria free right?
  29. Do clean the air in your clinic because I am very health conciuos for my family to take in your clinic?
  30. I don’t want swelling after the surgery , do you have any alternative than steroids or heavy medications?
  31. One of my servant’s son wants a job in a dental clinic, how safe it is to do job in a dental practice?
  32. What precautiuons you take for spread of infection from patient-dental team / dental team to-patient or patient –patient?
  33. Do I need any immunization to avoid dental cavities?
  34. I don’t want this liquid (naocl/h2o2)to be used for root canal do you have any alternatives which will do the same needful and efficiency?
  35. This drill/airrotor is changed everytime?
  36. I use ozone purifier at my home do you have it in your clinic?
  37. When indian dentists will start practicing better than other developed countries than india?
  38. My wife is pregnant, how safe it is to visit here for her cavity filling?
  39. I will deliver a baby soon, will it affect my baby if I do a filling and regular cleaning in the advised time period?
  40. I will pay you , your desired fees as demanded by you , but I don’t want any failure and it should be a flawless treatment, atleast I am expecting THE BEST EFFORT than by others I can visit anyone at any charges?


Dr Sudhir Dole BDS ( Consultant Dental Surgeon)

Founder of Ozone Dentistry in India.

               Founder of DentOzoneIndia.

              Ozone dentist since 2011.

             First Menor&Speaker on Ozone Dentistry and Course conductor.

Apple dental clinics,kharghar,navi Mumbai. (2010)

Contact number : 09930640055/09930640065. 

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