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Ozone Dentistry on the Horizon

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I am always interested in what is up and coming in Dentistry. I always want to know what the best new products are maybe a year into having it placed on the market. I believe that the next thing to revolutionize both medicine and dentistry is Ozone Therapy. Why? If ever there was a miracle antibiotic, and anti-everything, it is Ozone. It damages the cell wall of just about every simple form of life. Meanwhile, it keeps most of our body tissues safe. Once we learn to harness Ozone's strength, I believe it will be our most powerful ally in medicine. In dentistry it is able to penetrate levels of tooth structure to kill bacteria that causes decay. Imagine the type of cavities we can remineralize if we can just destroy the bacteria that advances carious lesions. I am excited to see what dentistry will be able to do with this powerful drug and I hope within 10 years it will be commonplace in the dental field.

Until we harness Ozone, dentists including us, at, will keep drillin' and fillin.

We Focus on your Health, your Comfort, and your Smile.

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We Focus on your Health, your Comfort, and your Smile.