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ORTHOTRAIN - A One Year Comprehensive Course In Fixed Orthodontics

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This course is of 15 days spread in 6 modules over approx. a year.

1st module is of 4 days.
2nd to 5th modules are of 2 days each
6th module is of 3 days with cetification on the last day.

First module:

Day 1 :
1. Introduction to Orthdontics and Case Selection .
2. Diagnosis:
a. Case History Taking.
b. Functional Screening of Patients.
c. Model Analysis - Lecture and Hands-on.
d. Cephalometric Analysis - Lecture
Demonstration of Ceph. tracing
e. O.P.G. Analysis
f. Photographic Analysis
3. Video of Bonding - Case 1.

Day 2
Revision of Day1.
Treatment Planning:
a. Overview of Appliances
b. Extraction Vs. Non-extraction Decision making
Bonding on Ideal Casts - Demo and Hands-on.
Placement of Archwire.
The Orthodontic Appliance Lecture.
The First Archwire Lecture.
Bonding on Typodont set in severe malocclusion- Hands-on
Mentor demonstrating Bonding and first archwire placement on patient.

Day 3
Revision of Day 2.
Mechano-Therapy Lecture.
Placement of Archwire on Typodont.
Simulation of Orthodontic Tooth Movement ( by placing typodont in
specially created warm water bath. The wax softens and teeth move under pressure from the archwire simulating movements as they happen in the oral cavity)
-`Live patients.
Simulation of Archwires in sequence on the Typodonts.

Day 4.
Revision of Day 3.
Finishing and Detailing Lecture.
Wire bending demonstration and hands-on.
Wire bending for Typodont.
Live patients.
Debonding Video.
Retention Lecture.
Table discussions.
Candidates Cases Analysis.
Allocation of Seminar Topics.

All Participants will get
a. Hand-outs.
b. Material for Hands-on activities.
c. Pliers to be used for the Course.

2nd to 6th module:

Individual topics in Orthodontics to be taken in detail.
10 case discussions from diagnosis to retention in detail everyday.
Follow-up of cases started in first module.
Cases from previous batches in varying stages to be alloted.
Seminar presentations
Hands-on activities including wire bending exercises.
Self- analysis tests in Orthodontics, Photo Quiz, etc.
Cases of participants to be discussed individually.
Brain storming sessions, clarification of doubts, etc.

Module dates will be set in mutual consultation with all candidates. Most modules are on Sunday and monday.

If, for some reason, a module is missed by the candidate, he can attend that module with another subsequent batch at any time.

All candidates will be provided support for all their cases even after the course is over and many still send records of their cases over the e-mail.

Candidates can repeat any module if they feel so without any additional fees at any time.

The First batch was started in Feb. 2005 and two batches are started every year. The 17th batch was started in March 2013.

The Dates of the 18th Batch are 23 to 26 Aug 2013 for which the registrations are still on.

Visit Please call for more details, clarifications, etc.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Akshay Rathi

Dr. Akshay Rathi
Director: Orthotrain

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Dr. Akshay Rathi
Director: Orthotrain