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New Technology

Through its ongoing Research and Development (R&D) program, Injex continues to make advances in the field of needle-free injection systems. New products in the R&D pipeline will enable the delivery of larger dose volumes per injection, enhance ease of use, and provide convenient pre-filled systems for fixed-dose applications. A profile of our development-stage products is offered in the section below.
None of these products are for sale in the U.S. at this time.

Injex Prefilled System Injex Prefilled System
The Injex Pre-filled System is compatible with either reusable or disposable devices. Fixed dose volume capacity up to 0.6 ml. All drug-contacting surfaces are approved for long-term storage of drugs. Injex-Equdiyne’s component-based system is designed for easy filling using industry-standard pharmaceutical cartridge filling technology. Patents pending.

Nano Tube Nano Tube
The Nano Tube is Injex’s newest and most exciting medical technology that will be introduced worldwide within the next few years. The Nano Tube will be used to provide painless injections, will be used for killing cancer cells, as well as provide CO2 laser applications, such as laser surgery, skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, as well as potentially to weld human tissue, as an alternative to traditional human sutures. For further information about the Nano Tube, please click here .

Injex 50 Injex 50
Injex 50 is a reusable needle-free injection system that utilizes single-use disposable ampules. Injex 50 is best suited for long-term therapies such as insulin and human growth hormone as well as for pediatric vaccinations and other subcutaneous injections given in a clinical setting. Ampules are filled from standard medication vials using the Injex Vial Adapter.

Injex 100
This model is used for injections of larger dose volumes, which are delivered easily with our new INJEX 100 model product. This model will deliver up to 1.0 ml of liquid medication in one delivery, and a minimum dose volume of at least 0.8 ml. Injex 100 is for use only for subcutaneous drug delivery. This product is the product of choice for delivery of a wide variety of higher dose drugs, and has many applications in veterinary medicine for large animals.

Disposable Jet Syringe
The Jet Syringe is an innovative disposable needle-free injector offering a simple, uncomplicated design and maximum versatility. The Jet Syringe can be configured with either an adjustable dose “fill and shoot” ampule or a proprietary pre-filled ampule for fixed dose applications. Dose volume of delivery is up to 0.5 ml. A general use 510(k) clearance has been granted for administration of subcutaneous injections. The Jet Syringe is the only single-use disposable needle-free injection system that utilizes a mechanical (non-gas) energy source. This system is ideally suited for short-term and infrequent injection therapies and the pre-fill version is also ideal for vaccines given via subcutaneous injection. Patents pending.

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