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Joined: 6 Oct 2014

Admittance: DDS or MD required.
Venue: Studio di Ortodonzia Savastano, Piazza Berlinguer 18, 17031 ALBENGA, SV, ITALY
Tel. +393896292929 , email: [email protected]
3 and ½ days course.
Language: English
Limited to 5 attendees.
Dates (provisional): 27-30 November 2014
Topics covered:
Functional appliances and their clinical applications
 Extraction vs Non extractions
 Bite opening procedures
 Versatility of functional appliances
 Interceptive orthodontics/oral habits
 Space closure mechanics
 Management of class I malocclusion
 Overjet reduction
 Management of class II malocclusion
 Adult orthodontics
 Finishing and detailing ( Mastering fixed appliances)
 Management of class III malocclusion
 Kinesiography , Functional Orthodontics (Basics, Functional Appliances & Patient selection)
 Mandibular Tracking in Orthodontics
 Orthodontic Cases and Discussion
 The Global Occlusion: Mandibular and Body Posture
 Radiology for Orthodontics (General radiology and interpretation)
 The rationale in office organization
 Gnathology (The dysfunctional patient, Most frequent cases of TMD, Skeletal typology and
related risk, Screening, .. Diagnostics, Treatment)
 Mandibular Tracking (EMG, TENS, bite registration : Hands On)
 Neuromuscular Orthodontics
 Retention
 Relapse and its management
About the course: from 10:30 to 18:00 with ½-hour break. All attendees will learn how to
perform Mandibular tracking, including use of TENS and EMG. Bite registration. See my patients
and discuss cases. Learn to mount casts properly.
3D cone beam radiology. Orthodontics is easier with neuromuscular thinking.
Costs: contact [email protected] for more info.
Accomodation: Since the course is limited to 5 attendees, we will be happy to personalize your
stay according to your budget. Prices start @ 60 Euros per day for single accomodation.
How to get here: NICE airport NCE is your best bet (and of course GENOVA AIRPORT as well
code: GOA). I can come and pick you up at these airports on the 26th. If you cannot manage one of
the two, then you have no other choice than that of MILAN AIRPORT code MXP. At Milan airport,
you should rent a car for a 3-hour drive. I strongly suggest you to choose one of the first two.
For any other information, do not hesitate to contact me [email protected]
visit :
The Riviera Ligure and the French Riviera offer a lot for a great vacation as well. Visit Alassio (15 minutes from
Albenga) , Monte Carlo –Cannes-Nice-Antibes (50 min. by car).

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