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NA MAYA NA RAM ( Neither money nor wisdom)

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A very difficult situation has arisen with the mushrooming of dental clinics in every nook and corner in every lane. There are more dentists in every locality of India than what the local economy can sustain. So many dentistsespecially the freshers have started FREE CONSULTATION. They hope to get more patients by advertising FREE CONSULTATION. Nothing can be more stupid.

The ads of FREE CONSULTATION on their sign boards will only attract muck and window shoppers. Forget about increasing their practice it will only create nuisance in their clinics.

If there are no patients intheir clinics then it is better to browse the forums <> and improve their clinical skills.

The ads of FREE CONSULTATION only degrades their standing and deprives the profession of dignity.

It is not a practice builder at all. In fact, it only shows the level of frustration of the practitioner.

Every dentist must charge a reasonable fee for consultation and also for every follow-up consultation.

There are many other ethical ways and means to market your clinic.

In fact after seeing the ads of free consultation I am reminded of a saying NA MAYA NA RAM which means you get neither money nor wisdom.


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