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New KARL KAPS dental microscope model 900 with integrted LED illumination.

The distinctive KAPS microscope systems are fully customizable to meet the dentists individual needs.

Balancing system
This coupling offers ultra-smooth, fluid and perfect balance during repositioning of the microscope.

Free Motion magnetic locking clutches
By pushing a button the microscope will float weightlessly and can be locked in any desired
working position.

Manual and motorized zoom
The magnification is continuously adjustable. From overview to details.

Without moving the microscope or changing the working position the area of treatment stays in focus.

LED inside
This innovative illumination module provides a homogenous illuminated field of view with excellent
color rendition and high contrast. It can be combined with any KAPS microscope system.

Upgrade from basic to master
Our design philosophy allows us to upgrade the features of any KAPS microscope system
to one of an even higher standard. Right in your office.


· Mobile stand H-base with column.

· Suspension arm, short.

· Swivel arm.

· microscope carrier.

· Integrated LED illumination with fiber optic cable(life time approx. 50,000 hours).

· 45° inclined coupling for easy positioning.

· 5 step magnification changer.

· LED illumination integrated in swivel arm.

· cold light adaption with diaphragm and orange filter.

· Light cable high power.

· 0-210° inclined binocular tube, f=182mm.

· Eyepieces WF 12,5 x V.

· Objective with integrated fine focusing (f=250 mm)

· Dust cover.

· Handle double sided.

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