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LumaCool Whitening Pen

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Twenty years after it was introduced, tooth whitening remains the most sought-after, patient-driven elective dental treatment worldwide. Tens of millions of people choose to whiten their teeth every year. One of the con-undrums faced by consumers and practitioners alike is the issue of how to maintain teeth at their whitest after the initial bleaching process. Patients prefer an simple technique, a material that that they can apply quickly, easily, and without any discomfort. Luma-Lite has introduced the LumaCool Whitening Pen to help patients maintain a whiter smile, literally, on the go. The Whitening Pen is a twist-click dispenser with a brush tip that contains approximately 2.5 mL of 7.5% hydrogen peroxide. This is enough for about 40 to 50 applications, lasting approximately one month for most individuals. The Whitening Pen requires no trays, models, or strips and can go anywhere with the patient conveniently stored in a pocket or purse. The Whitening Pen can be used anywhere, anytime, taking only seconds to apply. Simply brush the LumaCool Whitening Pen gel onto the teeth; there is no effect on the patient’s speech, activities, or comfort level. The Whitening Pen can be used up to 3 times a day, but patients should be instructed to avoid eating or drinking for approximately 30 minutes after application. For marketing purposes, the Whitening Pen’s attractive and convenient packaging can be personalized with the practice’s or the dentist’s name and/or logo. The Whitening Pen is typically targeted at patients who have previously whitened their teeth, one of the fastest growing segments of the dental market. Maintain whitened smiles at their brightest, anytime, anywhere, with the LumaCool Whitening Pen.

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