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lucitone dentures with suction cup

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[attachment=0]images.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]images.jpg[/attachment]Lucitone with Suction Cup Dentures is the best choice for patients with flat ridges. For patients with flat ridges, denture stability is no longer a huge challenge. Lucitone with Suction Cup Dentures meet and beat the retention challenges. They utilize a series of tiny suction cups made from a soft silicone rubber that gently adheres to the oral tissue without irritation. The Lucitone with Suction Cup Denture is effective with maxillary and mandibular restorations. Any existing dentures can be easily converted into a Lucitone with Suction Cup Denture simply by taking a wash reline impression.

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Re: lucitone dentures with suction cup

Clinical Indications For Suction Cup Dentures
- Resorbed alveolar ridges
- Undercuts
- Rotational paths of insertion
- Salivary dysfunction
- Neurological disorders
- Resective surgery
- Traumatic changes of the oral cavity
- Medication induced xerostomia
- A history of head and neck irradiation
- Systemic disease
- Disease of the salivary glands
- Neurological diseases
- Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
- Diminished tactile sensation
- Partially or wholly paralyzed oral musculature
- Orofacial dyskinesia (a prominent side effect of phenothiazine-class

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Re: lucitone dentures with suction cup

Getting used to full dentures can be a challenge for many. Complaints about slurred speech, salivating, chewing, and loose fitting dentures are often heard. Maxillary dentures are actually easier to get used to then the Mandibulary dentures. The conventional Maxillary denture uses your palate for suction to help hold the denture in place; the denture is fabricated in a way that a seal is formed around the denture which creates a suction. Mandibular dentures simply set on the ridge of your lower jaw bone.
Suction Cup Dentures are designed to help dentures stay in place. Suction Cup utilizes a number of small suction cups that are formed from a soft silicone rubber, these suction cups cause the denture to engage the gum tissue and gently grip on, thereby holding the denture in place. The suction cup soft liner provides added comfort by cushioning the gums.
People who suffer from poor fitting dentures may be able to improve their quality of life by wearing a Suction Cup Denture. Fortunately, any conventional acrylic denture can easily be converted into a Suction Cup Denture using standard relining techniques.

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