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Law to end the menace of capitation fee – I hope this time they are serious

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 Human Resource Development Ministry will bring a new bill to stop the menace capitation fees in medical and engineering colleges. The bill proposes stern action against the guilty institutions. Despite opposition by Bihar and other states, the Central Government has stuck to his decision to implement the Right to Education Act by March 31, 2013.

Under this law action will be taken against the guilty institutions and they a fine of Rs 10 lakh would be imposed. A resolution passed at the 60th meeting of the Central Advisory Board Of Education made it clear that the Right to Education Act would be implemented across the country by March 31. Many states including Bihar have objected to the implementation of the Act, saying that poor states won’t be able to afford the expenses.

Moreover, the share of Central and state governments have not yet been fixed. Bihar and several other states say that the Act should not be implemented till the share of spending between the Centre and the states is finalised.

But the Central Government said that the required work for implementing the Act would be completed by March 31. The recommendations of the JS Verma Committee on maintaining the quality of teachers has been accepted. JS Verma has recommended that from time to time teachers orientation programme should be undertaken so that they are fully up to date about their subjects.

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