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Who is the course designed for?

Dental Practitioners with little or no experience with implant dentistry.

What is Implant Quick Start program [QSP]?

QSP- an exclusive course that includes training and experience in dealing with implant surgery and prosthetic phase, providing overview of various implant systems enabling the participants to make a logical decision as to which implant system is best suited for a given situation. The aim of this course is to give an hand-on experience with significant theoretical and research inputs. Participants will understand the fundamental principles of dental implants. This will help to diagnose simple cases for implant therapy and help to plan alternative therapy.

What makes this course different from other Implant courses?

Ø Fastest - Hear, See it! And Do it in … 6 days

- Lectures, video demonstrations and hands-on surgical experience

Ø Easiest

- Place your first implant in the patient’s mouth with your teacher to guide you.

- Hands on experience on special models.

- Tips to sell this treatment option to your patient.

- Easy to refer reading material and notes

Ø Assurance

- Backed by 13 years of Smile Care education experience and 18 years of clinical know how.

- Clinicians perspective to scientific knowledge

- One year support to plan treatments for your future patients

Ø Provides

- An unbiased insight into the world of implant dentistry

- You select your implant system

- Versatility to use any system you choose

Ø Additional Benefits

- Limited attendance program with personalized mentoring.

- Introduction to 4 different implant systems

- The program at your doorstep

- Return to your practice in the evenings

Who will carry out the teaching?

Special lecture modules prepared by experts in implant dentistry to simplify the science. In addition, the Smile Care team will share their expertise and provide technical support to the participants of the Quick Start program [QSP].

COURSE CURRICULUM: This would cover single tooth implant and over denture . Guided implant placement in a patients mouth and subsequent mentoring for one year, would install confidence in all participants to place and restore dental implants in their practices

Day 1: Dr. Ratnadeep Patil

Ø Basic Implantology

Ø Relevant history of implants

Ø Biological concept of osseointegration

Ø Anatomical considerations

Ø Case Selection

Ø Bio-mechanics

Ø Diagnosis & Treatment Planning in Implant dentistry

Ø Diagnostic Aids – study casts, x-rays and CT scans for evaluation of available bone

Ø Treatment plan and work-up sequence

Day 2:Dr. Ratnadeep Patil

Ø Surgical Implantology

Ø Familiarization with the surgical phase

Ø Choosing appropriate drill systems

Ø Sterilization protocol

Ø Patient preparation

Ø Surgical manipulation of available bone

Ø Implant handling

Ø Surgical protocol

Ø Handling complications during surgery

Ø Individual case discussions before surgery on the patient to determine the

approximate size of the implant

Ø Implant oral hygiene, home care and maintenance

Day 3: Dr. Dimple Bharadwaj & Dr. Vaishali Sangle

Ø Implant Surface Matters

Ø Ore to Implant Journey

Ø Ridge Mapping

Ø Demonstration: Step wise for stent preparation

Ø Introduction to various implant kits

Ø Physiodespenser and its working

Hands-on: On implant placement by participants on models and for stent preparation


Day 4: Dr. Ratnadeep Patil, Dr Vinesh Shetty

Hands-on: Surgical placement of implants on patients by participants

Ø Implant practice management

Ø Presenting implant therapy to patients

Ø Presenting implant cases to peers

Ø Logistics in establishing fees for implant case

Ø Open discussions

Ø Case discussions on surgeries done by participants

Day 5: Dr. Sharat Shetty

Ø Prosthetic restoration of single tooth implants

Ø Understanding prosthetic components and Abutment types and design

Ø Prosthetic options/ solutions

Ø Video on prosthetic restoration

Ø Definitive restorative phase

Ø Fabrication of provisional prosthesis

Day 6: Dr. Sharat Shetty

Ø Impression technique

Ø Prosthetic Phase

Ø Occlusion

Ø Occlusal design of implant crowns.

Ø Registration of inter-occlusal records.

Ø Occlusal adjustments

Demonstration on patient for stage 2 surgery and impressioning

Ø Discussion of Complication + Maintenance of implants

Ø Long term implant maintenance / identifying and managing failures

Ø Treating ailing and failing patients

Ø Management of pre-implantitis


Dates: April 23rd – 28th 2015

Time: 09.00am - 5.00pm

Credit Points: 150

Venue: EduHub, 1st Floor, Bengal Chemicals Bhavan, Swatantrya Veer

Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025. {Next to Century Bazar Main Signal}

Certificate: (Certificate awarded as a part of qualifying for attending the international short term CDE Program "Current Concepts in American Dentistry")

Course fee: INR 77,500


Cost of one single implant to be used on patient
CD ROMs of Implant Procedures
Reading material / Pre prepared notes
1 Year of free consultation and discussions with the Smile Care Team on any further cases.
Includes (12.24% service tax and edu cess tax)
Cost of prosthetic components not included.


Ø Course will be conducted for a minimum of 8 participants. The organizers have a right to cancel the program in case the numbers do not meet.

Ø Participants can arrange for their own patient, if so, they need to send the patient xrays, study models and photographs in advance)

Ø Patients brought by participants should sign informed consent prior to the surgery. Patient should be medically fit to undergo surgery. Faculty reserves the rights to approve the cases.

Ø The case is not specific for any one-implant system.

For further information and registrations please contact:

Ms. Arlene Fernandes, Manager-CDE [9820587848]


Dr Ratnadeep Patil } Dr. Sharat Shetty } Dr. Dimple Bharadwaj } Dr. Vaishali Sangle

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