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Dear Friends, what is your opinion? It's interesting to know, how many  

How many implants do you usually use with fully edent patients?

It will depend upon 1)  Ultimate Prosthetic option we are looking at -- totally fixed / removable fixed / removable over dentures. 2) Available bone  3) Patients' mindset / need 4)  Patient's financial condition / spending attitude.

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From June ‘11, when I had to stop active clinical work, do not visit the clinic regularly – only on demand. Do freelancing @ different clinics for difficult / complicated cases.

KEEP BUSY WITH CAREER COUNSELING / MOTIVATION and advice Dentists to guide them for Improving practice / Selling & partnership etc. Also continue sharing by way of presentations on Practice Management, Planning associate/ partner in practice & Oral Hygiene. THIS IS IN VIEW OF KEEPING SOME INCOME GOING & STAYING ABREAST WITH DENTISTRY – PASSIONATE ABOUT.