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Herpes zoster-homeopathic treatment

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Homeopathy does not consider Herpes Zoster as a local affection of the skin but as something that has deeper roots within the system of the patient. Hence the treatment is not simply symptomatic; rather it is based on a detailed case study and endeavors to treat the disease from the root cause.
Homeopathic medicines work at two levels:

Taking care of the acute symptoms
Preventing recurrence of the infection
Overall, the medicines improve the immunity of the individual so that he doesn't fall prey to recurrent infections.
The homeopathic approach to treatment of Herpes Zoster (or any other disease) is called as the 'Constitutional approach'. In this approach, detailed study of the following aspects of the patient is done:

Chief complaints
Other associated complaints
Evaluation of the causative factor
Detailed study of the mind, temperament of the patient
Detailed study of general features such as appetite, thirst, likes and dislikes about food, etc
Study of past history of diseases
Study of family history of diseases
Examination of patient
Investigations done
Based on the study of all these factors, a single Homeopathic remedy is selected which covers all the important features and helps in curing the disease in that patient. The medicine not only helps in alleviating the lesions, the pain and the discomfort associated with Herpes Zoster but it also helps in preventing future outbreaks of the same. It also helps in preventing the development of complications of Herpes Zoster. An important aspect to be noted is that the medicines do not have any suppressive effects and they are without any side-effects whatsoever.


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