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Generate Passive Income

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Dear All,

Invest today and accumlate corpus to generate passive income from the age of 55 year or more. Guaranteed Income for you and your spouse for lifetime. Start Investing today.

Invest Rs 1000 or more per month.  Start a SIP in Equity Mutual Funds. Over the next 15 to 30 years you can create significant wealth.

Here is how much your money can grow at the rate of ~12% per annum if you invest Rs 1000 per month.

After year 5, you can have: Rs 0.9 lakhs
After year 8. you can have: Rs 1.7 lakhs
If you continue doing this, you can have the following amounts in:
Year 10: Rs 2.4 lakhs
Year 15: Rs 5 lakhs
Year 20: Rs 9.7 lakhs
Year 25: Rs 18 lakhs
Year 30: Rs 32 lakhs
Year 35: Rs 58 lakhs

Imagine if you are a 25 year old who starts investing Rs 1000 and continue to do it tillyou retire at the age of 60 – Your small saving per month will grow from Rs 4.2 lakhs (1000 x 12 months x 35 years = Rs 4.20 lakhs) to Rs 58 lakhs.

That’s the magic of compounding and investing in the Equity asset class on a regular basis.

Note: The 12% return is a conservative assumption as Equity as an asset class has given a return of 16 – 17% per annum over the last few decades. However, there is no guarantee that it will grow at such rates hence the 12% assumption

To know more or start Investing Contact today on 8693800025 or email us at [email protected]






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