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Feather Light

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Illumination within the oral cavity is the key to successful dentistry. This is less of a problem for the younger dentist, but as the eyes age, adequate illumination becomes more difficult and more critical. Today’s exacting dental parameters, whether aesthetics, implants, endodontics, orthodontics, or a variety of other treatments, demand that the practitioner clearly see every detail. Since illumination is most often mounted on glasses, minimum weight is imperative. Ultralight Optics has introduced the Feather Light LED Loupe Light. Designed by a dentist and an ophthalmologist, it is the lightest and smallest LED illumination available to the practitioner. “Feather Light” indicates actual weight, 4 g, or 0.13 oz. (It is manufactured of aircraft aluminum.) Though small and very light, it provides a very bright 39,000-lux at 6000ºK color-corrected true white light with a 2.5-in spot size at 12 in. It mounts onto existing loupes or glasses without blocking the operator’s vision. The advanced lithium-ion battery pack has a high charge capacity and provides the longest lasting battery pack, 8 hours consistent brightness at the highest setting, offering an entire day on a single charge. In actual practice, the brightest setting is not used most of the time, extending the charge time even further. The illuminating diodes have a longevity of approximately 50,000 hours, while the 5 oz battery provides 400 to 700 charges and fits readily into a pocket or clips onto a belt, leaving the brightness adjustment control conveniently exposed. It not only mounts securely onto loupes but also typically fits onto the original loupes carrying case as well. The Feather Light delivers an intense beam of light and unsurpassed comfort.

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