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Fear of dentist in children

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1. Talk to your child to find out why she is afraid of the dentist. Once you know where her fears lie, it can be easier to deal with.

2. Let her watch you. You could sit in the chair and let the hygenist clean your teeth or the dentist count your teeth while your child watches.

3. Schedule a morning appointment. When children are well rested the dental appointment often goes more smoothly.

4. Help your child get comfortable. Let your child sit in your lap on the dental chair for the appointment.

Page Two: More tips to help calm your child's fear of the dentist
5. Let your child go in alone. If you haven't had luck staying with your child for the dental appointment you may find it helps to let them go into the dentist alone. Some children "act up" more if their parent is present.

6. Consider premedication. Some sensitive children do well with a small dose of Valium given before they come in. They can then be given "laughing gas" during the procedure.

7.Try a pediatric dentist (pedodontist) Pedodontists have had extra years of training to learn how to help children. Also, because they see only children, their office environment is set up strictly for children.


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