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Early childhood tooth decay

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Early childhood carie is a type of tooth decay which affect primary teeth, especially those in the front and on the top, for kids up to five years old. It’s also called baby bottle tooth decay because the cavity can be initialized when a child falls asleep with the bottle remaining in the mouth. The use of the baby bottle favours prolonged contact between its liquid and the teeth surfaces. This type of cavity is very aggressive and tends to spread quickly.

There is scientific evidence that early childhood tooth decay is an infectious and contagious disease. The main infectious agent is the bacterium Streptococcus mutans, which uses sugar to initiate demineralization of tooth enamel leading to tooth decay. When a child is born, he does not have Streptococcus mutans in his mouth. This bacteria is transmitted the baby’s caretakers, especially the mother. Mothers who have no dental problems that are not treated are more likely to transmit decay-causing bacteria to their babies.


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