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Double arch impression tray incorrectly placed

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Dear all,

I am a great fan of double arch impression trays. They save time and are easy to use . A liitle bit of training is required to be given to staff to load the trays and also the patient has to be trained to bite properly.I recommend double arch impression tray in case of impressions for lab fabricated posts and cores.

Somebody sent me sample of these double arch impression trays . They are called SHARK TRAYS. They have been so named beacuse their handle is shaped like a shark.

Look at the image above very carefully.Can you locate the error ?

The impression is good but the handle should have been bucally placed. In the heat of daily practice I placed it lingually. Therefore the bite could not be obtained.

However we poured the impression took a bite and sent it to the lab.

Posted the above image since I thought would make interesting reading.


Dr. Veerendra Darakh



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