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Does having a clinic website help ? Please post links of good Indian dental clin

Does having a clinic website help

It definitely helps your practice a great deal..In this digital era, if you are not on the internet you are nowhere on the professional front..some of the popular Indian dental clinic websites are mentioned below..


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 Post your case presentations on www.dentistrytoday.info

Does having a clinic website help

 The best thing of having websites fro clinics is that the tab of patients feedback gives us a good third person perspective and insight into what our clinic and practice needs

That is something that can be done by keeping a feedback form which is an easy and comprehensive and preferrably one with choices to tick and select and should be short and concise

One can also include a testimonial section where the patient can add a few lines or suggestions concerning us

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An easy way for you to share and discuss dentistry and more...

For any help on posting on the site, email at [email protected]

Does having a clinic website help

 Yes. Having a clinic website is very much helpful and below are few advantages of it:

1. Helps both the Doctors and General Public people & Patients.

2. Helps the Junior Doctors or newly passed out doctors/Students

3. It will set a platform to share knowledge between doctors and experts.

4. Also it will give some pointers & hints to a doctor while treating the patient or any specific desease

And there are many other advantages too.


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Does having a clinic website help



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 For any help on posting on the site, email at [email protected]

Does having a clinic website help


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Does having a clinic website help

 Not only must you have a website but also it must be constantly updated . besides the site must be android and other cell phones / PDA/ palmtop compatible.

More and more people now surf the net with their cell phones.



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Does having a clinic website help


True, A clinic website (for tablets, phones, computers) is like your dental practise's front door on the Internet. It shows customers how much you are interested in maintaining the quality of your services.

A lot of Internet users, including me :) actually research clinics reviews and ratings before visiting and it is vital that you keep a tab on your Online Social Media Presense.

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Does having a clinic website help

Does having a website help your practice? That's an open-ended question that could be answered in a variety of ways - (i.e., "There isn't a one-size-fits-all-answer")

Let's look at this from both sides of the discussion:

1. Dentists who have invested heavily in a website for their practice and have NOT realized a profit nor recaptured their investment

I'd have to say that the MAJORITY of Dentists don't invest a lot of money (relative what businesses in other industries can/do spend) on a high-performance, high-converting website for their practice and yet, they expect unrealistic returns. I'm not blaming them for their beliefs because I know for a fact that a lot of companies that build/sell dentist websites make unrealistic promises and often under-deliver.

Any Dentist who pays a company little to no setup (build) fee and $50-$100/month for a website is going to get exactly what they pay for... not much. A high-performance website is AN INVESTMENT and will require more than the aforementioned.

Common sense should tell you that Google only has ONE - Page 1 for any/all keyword combinations and there's only ONE URL that can be at the top (in the organic section - not the paid adwords).

There are MULTIPLE components involved (needed) to RANK at the TOP of page 1 in Google's PageRank (for any/all keywords) and a CANNED Website that you share with 20 other dentists around the country isn't going to put you there (unless you live in a town of 500 people and you're the only dentist around).

I won't go into all that' s involved in getting your practice website to rank at the top of page 1 in Google, but suffice it say cookie-cutter websites that are $50/month (give or take $50/month) aren't going to get you there.

Getting to the top of Google in and of itself is also not the "be all to end all" when it comes to Dental web marketing. Let's assume that you get your website to the top of Page one in Google (for the sake of our example let's say "cosmetic dentistry") - which is everyone's goal. The top spot (#1) on Google gets an average of 50% of ALL traffic searching for that keyword (visitors to their site)

So you've got 50% of the people now clicking on your website (assuming you're #1 in Google) - now what? If you're website isn't using "Conversion Design" and is built like 99% of every other dental website you're not going to convert many of those visitors into paying new patients - period.

So simply getting your website to the top of page 1 in Google is only part of the battle... getting visitors to STAY on your site long enough to be captivated by message/solutions and then impressed enough to follow though with a scheduled appointment (and then show up, pay, and accept your treatment plan) is even more important.

A website at the top of Page 1 in Google that generates tons of visitors each month (but isn't able to convert them into paying new patients) is WORTHLESS ... maybe worse. Research is very clear that visitors to land on a page of a website and are BORED by what they find DO NOT COME BACK... which means that your'e chance to get each of them as a new patient has been greatly reduced.

2. Dentists who UNDERSTAND that they wear Two Hats: (Physician/Clinician and Entrepreneur/Marketer of Their Dental Practice) who are having great success with their website and making a great ROI

This group of Dentists is in a small minority. They won't have a cookie-cutter, mass-produced website that contains the same copy as 20 other dental websites in their county, and their sites are built using CONVERSION DESIGN principles.

They contain Outcome-Based VIDEO testimonials of patients, written reviews (with pictures), they use FULL Names of their patients (with written permission - and are HIPPA Compliant), compelling copy (the opposite of what MOST dentists use - (i.e., Most dental websites are digital copies of boring brochures or contain information patients don't care about).

These Dentists realize that their practice website is only ONE piece of the Dental Web Marketing Success formula, and that there are numerous other IMPORTANT strategies that must dovetail with their website in order for them to have success marketing their practice online.

To be fair, generating new patients is only one (while probably the most important) reason for having a high-performing practice website.

Improving your professional reputation, distributing your professional writings and/or contributions and many other valid reasons exist for having a dominant website for your practice.

How is your practice website performing and is it meeting/exceeding your expectations?

Here's a recent article I posted on Dentaltown (more like it coming here - en mass - soon) that you can use to improve your current practice website (includes a cool infographic)


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Does having a clinic website help

Find the Best Dental clinic in Chennai which has advanced dental care techniques and standard equipment to serve you better. 


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