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Digital Physiodispenser with 3500* Pre-Program

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The unique and revolutionary iChiropro is the perfect partner for your implantology and dental surgery operations.

Controlled by an iPad application, this intuitive system supports you in every step of your procedures. Simply select the pre-programmed operation of your choice and the iChiropro will provide instructions and guidance. For optimal patient file analysis and management, the application can be used to import data from the coDiagnostiXTM software and you can also save and export your operation reports with a single click.

Simplicity, comfort and modernity: discover a new work philosophy! 


Committed to offering you the best, Bien-Air provides regular updates for its iChiropro application. These upgrades are free of charge and are designed to facilitate your day-to-day work.

What's new?

For improved ease of use and enhanced safety, your patient's bone density information can now be edited at any time during an operation. The speed and torque settings are then instantly adjusted, ensuring that the procedure is adapted to the patient's needs.

To enable you to establish complete patient files, you can now indicate the presence of risk factors (e.g. smoking, osteoporosis). A detailed operation report containing key indicators such as the ISQ, bone density specific to the implant site and the force used to fit the implant is also now available for each operation.

Optimized and straight-
forward procedures

The operating sequence settings for the main implant systems are integrated into a library that is constantly being updated. It can be organised into favourites.
Parameters can be changed at any point during the procedure. Operating sequences can be automatically adjusted according to bone density . Multiple users management with recording of respective settings.

Simpler than ever full
digital workflow

Handling is reduced during the procedure as the various parameters for each operating sequence can be set in advance. Quick, easy import of planning data from the coDiagnostiX™ software.
Information relating to implants is safely and automatically recorded by the barcode scanner, ensuring full traceability.

All the information you need during a surgery available when you need it

A navigation area enables the information needed during the procedure to be accessed quickly, at any time, making interventions preparation easier. This include burs pictures and guided surgery procedure information such as sleeve diameter and position, drill handle and length . A pop-up window displaying instruments positions in the surgical cassette ensures quicker tool selection . The coDiagnostiX™ planning report can be displayed at any time during procedure.

Multiple implant procedures

Up to eight implants can be placed simultaneously. The same procedural step can be carried out on all the implants in turn. This results in reduced handling of instruments and settings during the procedure, ensuring increased efficiency. You can use the pedal to switch from one implant to the next, without the need to touch the iPad screen throughout your procedure.

Full documentation and traceability

All the data relating to a patient can be consulted on the iPad in a personalised file. Data relating to procedures are automatically integrated into the file during the procedure. Information relating to implants, ensuring traceability, can also be quickly accessed. The content of the file can be easily exported to other peripherals or online storage platforms.

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Bien-Air INDIA

Bien-Air Authorized Importer/sales/sevices

NobelBioCare's OsseocarePro & Osseocare service provider

Adin implant motor service provider