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Developing an In House Specialty Model

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Hello Everyone! I am new to Dentistry Today. A couple years I helped a dear friend of mine who is a travelling Periodontist to develop a In House Speciality management consluting company. We market and help consult on behalf of a group of over 30 Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, and Endodontists teaming them up with private offices owned by general dentists. We have succesfully established relationships with over 100 dental offices in the US and are enjoying great sucess. Mainly attributed to our marketing and consulting  knowledge our group brings to the front office. Our platform also takes on the burden of credentialing which is a very cumbersome process of filing with the US inruance companies to gain a contraced fee schedule , usually at higher rats given it's being done under a specialists NPI . If there are any specialists in the US or general dentists that would be intersted in learning more feel free to reach out to myself personally . Were eager and motivated to find more productive offices to create a win win platform not only for the practice and our specialists, but for our patients. / [email protected] 

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