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Dentistry ranks on Top in USA

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Smile if this is you: Dentistry tops U.S. News & World Report’s list of 100 jobs in greatest demand 

Annual ranking looks at median salary, future job prospects, unemployment rate and work-life balance


Dentists and dental hygienists are among the top ten jobs in U.S. News' annual ranking.

We have certain standards when it comes to our work.

Pay is just the beginning. We want to be fulfilled. We want job security. We want a chance to establish ourselves.

It takes both careful research and preparation to secure any job. U.S. News & World Report's Best Jobs of 2013 can help.

This annual ranking bases its selections on the Labor Department's predictions of the occupations that should have the greatest hiring demand from now until the year 2020.

The list looked at employment growth as well as other factors to determine a job's overall score. Those other considerations were: median salary, future job prospects, the unemployment rate, and the occupation's estimated stress level and work-life balance.

Here are U.S. News' top ten job picks for 2013.

To see the complete list of 100 best jobs, visit

No. 1 — Dentist

Our smile is their fortune. The profession should grow 21.1% by 2020.

Median Salary: $142,740

No. 2 — Registered Nurse

As a substantial chunk of our population ages, the necessity for qualified RNs intensifies.

Median Salary: $65,690

No. 3 — Pharmacist

With excellent prospects and a solid average salary, the pharmacist profession nabs the No. 3 spot on our list.

Possessors of a Pharm.D can anticipate nearly 70,000 available jobs this decade, the brunt in physician offices, outpatient care centers, and nursing homes.

Median Salary: $113,390

No. 4 — Computer Systems Analyst

Think of a computer systems analyst as a tech project manager. He or she is often a liaison between the IT department and a client, and has influence over both the budgetary and technical considerations of a project.

Median Salary: $78,770

No. 5 — Physician

At the top of the medical food chain, physicians diagnose and treat patients, plus they instruct on proper diet, hygiene, and disease prevention. And like other jobs in the healthcare industry, physicians will see abundant job growth to 2020.

Median Salary: $183,170

No. 6 — Database Administrator

The more digitized our society becomes, the more important the role of database administrator becomes.

By 2020, we'll need about 33,900 new ones to store, organize, manage, and troubleshoot all the content we store on computers.

Median Salary: $75,190

No. 7 — Software Developer

These tech-smart professionals who design, construct, test, and maintain software should see abundant job growth up to the year 2020.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 27.6% expansion, or 143,800 new positions.

Median Salary: $89,280

No. 8 — Physical Therapist

Use your training period to start networking and begin your search for physical therapist jobs. Although there will be more than 77,000 jobs in this field this decade, the early birds will be more marketable.

Median Salary: $78,270

No. 9 — Web Developer

A lot of schooling and skill goes into making a website look good and operate well. According to the Labor Department, about 65,700 new Web developers will enter the workplace by 2020.

Median Salary: $77,990

No. 10 — Dental Hygienist

Many only work part-time. Something else to consider: This profession should grow at a breakneck clip as practices hire more hygienists to boost their patient roster.

Median Salary: $69,280

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