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Dentistry in india.

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Hi frnds. good afternoon.
my question is what is wrong with the Indian dentistry??
As we know we read 5Yr for Bds, 3yr for Mds, by investing our money nd time bt after that when we came from college life to.field.
what happens. no job either government or private no patients In our clinic nd many more. As we know in dentistry at that time we are doing dsd cad cam implants composite zirconia nd many more..Bt after all in indian community still people think that extraction is the best treatment. (very less people r interested in taking costly treatment) nd Dentist means (daat nikalne wala)
Here r some reason behind that.
1.poorly marketed dentistry market for talent base.
3.patients think dentistry is costly and optional..
4.students _patients. dentist relationship at educational level.
5.having a website is not marketing one wants to practice in rural areas.
1.General awareness in marketing dentistry.
2.increase standard of dentistry. is done to eliminate myth around dental treatment and change the perception around the patient.
4.friendly education environment.
5.spending money time effort into website for marketing is wastage of time and money unless considerable time is invested. should also go to the rural areas also for the practice. nd improve oral health care in rural areas also.

thank you
sonu kumar
national president
dmf. india

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Dentistry in india.

Yes it is unfortunate that these problems exisit, but they are not typical to dentsitry, rather apply to the medical field in India across the board.

As for practising in rural areas, there is a need for it so someone has to do it. It is the government's way of filling that gap

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