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Dental Tourism in India

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Dental Tourism means traveling abroad for affordable Dental care, Dental treatment, Dental Surgery or Dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one's own country. Dental Tourism is a subset of the sector known as Medical Tourism & involves individuals seeking Dental outside their local healthcare systems.'Health is Wealth'. Today everyone around the world knows and accepts the importance of Health. This changing attitude and way of living of people are the primary reasons, why Medical / Dental Industry across the globe has caught up in the limelight and gaining a momentum as days pass by.

Need for Dental Tourism:    If your employer provides you with Dental insurance benefits you are among the fortunate few. A lot of people do not have Dental insurance. So when there is a need to visit the Dentist, they find themselves digging deep into their pockets. This is what has given birth to Dental Tourism. To such people Dental Tourism offers a low cost high quality alternative. Dental Tourism, which is also sometimes known as Tooth Tourism or Dental travel, is not a recent concept. Americans have been going across the border to Mexicofor decades for bargain deals on Dental Prosthetics, affordable Dental Implants, discount on Dental crowns, etc. It's also not uncommon to see American tourists hunting for cheap cosmetic Dentistry at Dental offices inPanama or Dental Clinics in Costa Rica .


Dental Tourism in India :

India is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for Dental Tourism in the world. Thousands of people from USA , Europe and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking Dental treatment. Though tourists attach a variety of reasons for their travel, the major indicator is the cost for Dental Implants and Dental Surgery, which is generally cheap in India . Irrespective of recession and slump downs in the market, many people still travel to India for various Dental treatments. In U.S, only 50% of the total population has Dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive Medical packages do not a have Dental coverage. Apart from the low Dental insurance coverage, cost of the Dental treatments is also extremely high in these western countries. For instance, a patient’s Root Canal Treatment might cost up to $600 and a Tooth Crown may cost around $4000. However, same procedures cost around $35-125 in India .

Benefits of Dental Tourism:

1.     Low Cost: Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of Dental Tourism is cost savings. India has the ability to provide top quality Dental care at a low cost because of low labour and administrative costs here.

2.     High QualityRest assured that the services that you receive at Dental offices in India at many places will be equal or superior to that you can find in the US . In India at many places, Dental Clinics have state-of-the-art technology and modern equipments. They staff Dentists who are educated or trained in the US or other western countries.

3.     Immediate Service: Dental Clinics in India work with your schedule and timeframe to ensure quick access to care. Record Keeping has become very important and almost every Clinic does record keeping and by that way, your Dental records can be made accessible to the Dental provider of your choice instantly.

4.     Great ConvenienceThere are many agencies that deal in Dental Tourism & allow consumers to arrange all aspects of Dental Tourism from start to finish. The one-stop service offerings are just one of the ways to provide world-class care.

5.     Travel OpportunitiesWhile the primary motivation for most customers is affordable Dental care, for some people it's a great opportunity to combine Dental care with traveling / vacation. Given the low cost of road, rail and air travel inIndia and most importantly the Dollar-Rupee Conversion, you can even bring your friends or family along. Also, the lodging expenses here are low as well.

Dental Tourism Destinations & Why India :

There are many Dental Tourism destinations all over the world where Medical Tourism is already being actively promoted such as Greece, South Africa, Jordan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, but India is fast emerging as the most preferred, competent and cost effective contender in the world with respect to Health Care - Tourism. Unlike other typical Industries, in Medical Industry, it's not merely Machines or Technologies that matter, a lot depends on the skill and Clinical judgments of the Doctors. India is already very well known for its high level of professionalism and knowledge in the health care and Medical Industry. Medical / Dental Tourism is a term that has risen from the rapid growth of the industry where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to obtain Medical, Dental, and Surgical care while at the same time touring, vacationing and fully experiencing the attractions of the countries that they are visiting. Long recognized for its cultural and scenic beauty, India is now being put up on international map as a heaven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare but in India , we provide low cost & high quality Dental Tourism. Cost of treatment inIndia is less than 1/3 the cost in USA , Canada , UK etc. Time taken her is much less than the time taken by Dentists in other countries. Quality of work is exactly the same, as that of USA , Canada or any other developed country. It is said that "Faith is the best healer." The strong confidence people have in Indian Medical Systems and Practices attracts them to India . In India , a procedure including airfare is 90% cheaper then a procedure done in the US .

The other reasons of selecting Dental Tourism in India are:

Ø     Availability of numerous Hospitals and Clinics in each and every parts of India , whether urban (or) semi Urban (or) Rural with 24 Hours Medical facilities and well qualified staff. This avoids the problems of waiting lists as seen in American or European hospitals.

Ø     In addition the one-to one attention, shown in Indian Hospitals, availability of professionally trained personal nurses and 24 hour servants are the unimaginable luxuries for people coming from developed countries.

Ø     Treatment in India is Cost effective and very efficient. This is a major factor that attracts Medical tourists from all around the globe particularly in the field of Dentistry.

Ø     Indian Doctors and hospitals are globally known for their kindness and personal care towards their patients.

Ø     Language problem poses no major hurdle as most of the Doctors and hospitals speak and understand 'English' and the Medicines and Prescriptions are in the Medium English.

Ø     Leisure Tourism is already very much in demand in India as the country offers diverse cultural and scenic beauty.

Ø     India has almost all sorts of destinations like high mountains, vast deserts, scenic beaches, historical monuments, religious temples etc.

Ø     Known for its hospitality for tourists, the county has opened doors to welcome with the same hospitality for the Dental patients.

Ø     Another advantage of getting treatment in India is the opportunity of getting introduced with India's rich cultural heritage along with its temples, forts, palaces, art, music, dances customs and of course, the rich Indian food.

Feel the Spirit of
 India :  

Welcome to a rare delight & a special experience in India . Rare because in our fast-paced lives, it is not often that we can take time off to unwind and taste the pleasures of our own culture. Special, because your journey will take you and your family back in time to the age of the Maharajahs with the recreational exquisites below:

1.     Within Delhi , one can go around visiting Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Rajghat , India Gate, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Jantar Mantar, Lakshmi NarayanTemple , Lotus Temple and Rashtrapati Bhawan.

2.     Cultural and Heritage tours: One can visit the forts and palaces of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur , Jaipur, Lakes of Udaipur, Pushkar fair and Taj mahal in Agra .

3.     Wild life adventure: The Glimpses of Indian wildlife can be enjoyed at Corbett National Park and RanthamboreNational Park , both of which are famous for tiger reserves. Indian birds can be seen at Bharatpur bird Sanctuary.

4.     Hill Stations: If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, visit the hill stations of Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, Kufri, Dalhousie, Auli.

5.     Luxury Train tours: The Palace on Wheels Palace on wheels - A virtual five star hotel taking you to the most exotic places, in the utmost royal style. A week long journey to the exotic destinations in Rajasthan, takes you to the by gone era experienced by the Maharajas, once upon a time in India . Destinations like Jaipur -Jodhpur - Udaipur and Agra ; known for their royal forts and exclusive buildings like the Taj Mahal are covered in this week long journey. While the nights are spent in the luxury of the saloons, the days are spent in the royal splendours watching the forts and experiencing the Rajasthani hospitality.

6.      The Royal Orient - one of the world's most exotic trains: Weave through two of India 's most culturally fascinating states, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Cross the Great Indian Desert at nights, and take day trips to fascinating places by luxury coach. The Royal Orient will transport you to palaces and forts steeped in legends of heroism and chivalry. You will feel the spirituality of an ancient Jain temple city . You will soak your feet in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea and Laze on the beach. You will safari in jungles to see the only lions outside Africa . You will shop for exquisite handicrafts as old as history in shops blaring Michael Jackson music.

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Dental Tourism in India

Reacting to the dismal statistics regarding the oral health of the rural population, the government of India’s second largest state has announced funding of more than Rs870 million (US$15 million) for dental services at low-level health facilities. Among other measures, over 1,000 dental posts are to be created under the programme, the Maharashtra state cabinet decided last week.
The financial injection seems to have come at the right time, since access to oral health services, particularly at district level, has reached a low point in many parts of India. In some areas in the country, the dentist to population ratio is one to a quarter of a million people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Although dental colleges in Maharashtra produce over 1,500 dental graduates each year, three out of four currently live in the state’s larger cities like Mumbai or Pune, making it difficult for people in the countryside to obtain even basic dental treatment.

A timeline for the implementation of the measures has not been given by the state, but there will be an initial replacement of outdated dental equipment like X-ray machines and dental chairs throughout all 50 district hospitals, officials told the Times of India newspaper. In addition, a new state body responsible for oral health issues will be established.

Dental experts from the state publicly commented that although the measures are overdue, the main reason for the lack of dental care is costs. Studies in other states have indicated that the dramatically decreasing number of dental visits is more correlated to lower income instead of lacking manpower, they said. They called on the government to establish dental insurance schemes under the new programme, aimed at the most neglected patient groups, like the elderly.

According to a 2005 survey conducted by the Indian government in collaboration with the WHO, between 50 and 80 per cent of people living in the country suffer from some form of dental disease.


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An easy way for you to share and discuss dentistry and more...

For any help on posting on the site, email at [email protected]

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Dental Tourism in India

 In the developed countries like USA, Australia UK the cost of dental treatment is very high in comparison to Asian countries like India so its a good opportunity for the people living in developed countries to take dental tourism sercics and do the health treatment at cheap rates.

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