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Each person on your team plays an integral part for why patients will say “YES!” schedule and pay for treatment in your dental office.

When the entire team can elegantly communicate with patients about necessary treatment, and the value it will add to their life, it now becomes much easier for patients to say “YES” to your care.

As Dental Practice Management Consultants, our clients have great success because the dental teams understand exactly how to elegantly speak to their patients, show empathy, actively listen and then are able to explain the outstanding value to the patients for accepting care.

Why will patients Say Yes to Case Acceptance?

The #1 reason patients why patients will say “YES!” to your care and continue returning to your dental office is trust.
In Steven Covey’s book, “The Speed of Trust,” he makes the case that when trust is low, the cost of business goes up, and the speed of business decreases.
If you ask most people why they choose a certain company to do business with they will say that it is because of a relationship they have with a person there or a past experience. I think of Nordstrom and why I love to shop there. They have good quality but why most people go there is because of the way they treat their customers. "Customer is King?"

Trust is not just a matter of quality but equally skills, competency and your knowledge.

In Covey’s book he points out that just because he trusts his babysitter to watch his kids but he would not trust her to run his business. She lacks competency to trust her with matters of his business.

How can you improve trust?
1. Trust occurs the minute a patient places their first phone call to your office
2. Trust occurs when they go to your website for the 1st time
3. Trust occurs when a patient 1st steps foot in your office as a new patient
4. Trust occurs with a dental patient even before you seat a patient of record in your dental chair

What Maybe Holding Back Patient Trust
• Do you take patients back late for an appointment?
• Do you smile when you answer a phone call? AND do you put a patient on hold before asking IF you can maybe call them back in a few minutes. Remember, we are all in a hurry these days so putting a patient on hold may not be convenient for them and a call back at a convenient time may work better for your patient

The list of trust building positive patient case accept are creating raving fans for patients which comes from outstanding customer service and a solid relationship you consistently build with your raving fans!

Do you have holes in your schedule?
Many dental practices, who call us to inquire about our services, call because business is slow and especially during the holiday’s business can die.
For this reason trust must be high with your patients for them to continue choosing your dental office over another office closer to their home, work or one that is on their insurance plan.
Trust must begin with a personal worthiness of character and competency. In an effort to extend and receive trust in your day-to day responsibilities, we can have a significant impact not only on our success but also on the speed at which we achieve it.
Doctors are reaching out today to improve their methods of patients saying “YES!” to their care. It is something I hear about every week.

What may close holes in your schedule and create sustainable profits:
• Do you know the dollar amount of outstanding treatment plans sitting in your patient charts?
• What is your plan to enroll them into treatment and will they pay for their treatment?

In Conclusion

For you to turn this case acceptance challenge into a successful outcome every player on your team most embrace the vision of your dental practice.
It takes only 15 seconds (MAX!) for people to judge your office especially, when they make their first call to your office. This means that your team who answers the phone must read persons’ personality and temperament quickly when patients call the office.

This has been a year of abundance for clients of Dental Practice Solutions. All of our clients have reactivated over 50% of their patients whom they may not have seen since the economic decline (Some offices reactivated patients from three to four years ago). Many of our clients are able to reactivate this 50% patient population back into hygiene appointments because of a specific system that we have in place. It is innovative and very strategically implemented.
Profitability will come when you can reactivate your overdue dental hygiene patients and then enroll them into necessary treatment.

These are only a few tips to get your patients to say “YES!” to your care.

Would you like to learn more about specific areas in your dental practice with the greatest promise the best outcome in 2015?

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You don't need to have DENTRIX to schedule your session however, we will ask a few specific questions to find out your practice metrics and then we can easily create a plan for powerful areas of your practice and where the focus for success needs to be.

Let us know how your case acceptance and scheduling patients care is coming along by commenting below.


Debbie Seidel-Bittke is founder of Dental Practice Solutions, a global consulting and coaching business known as the leader in creating highly profitable and sustainable dental hygiene departments.
Debbie uses a specific innovative and strategic methodology to not only increase hygiene department production but works with the entire team to sustain true profitability for the life of a dental practice.

For 10 yrs. she has been known as one of Dentistry Today’s Top Consultants.

Debbie speaks about dental hygiene department profitability and the services which create a profitable and sustainable dental practice.

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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is one of Dentistry Today's Top Consultants.

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"Looking to be a Certified Dental Consultant? Private Message me to learn more. The cost is less than a semester in college!"

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Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS is one of Dentistry Today's Top Consultants.

3-Part Hygiene Department Empowerment Series. Register to Get this Here:

More Info Here:

"Looking to be a Certified Dental Consultant? Private Message me to learn more. The cost is less than a semester in college!"