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Dental Implants Company Introduction

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My name is Danny and I’d like to introduce you to Brilliant Implant.

Brilliant Implant is a new brand taking hold in the dental industry. This company offers top quality dental products at very affordable prices. For example, Spiral Implant normally costs at least $100, however Brilliant Implant can offer you the very same implant for $50. Our implant is of the same high quality and actually 100% identical to the $100 Implant.

Brilliant Implant has engineered their products based on 15 years of information from studies and dentists with at least 10 years of experience working with our dental implants. Based on reviews from doctors the quality of products engineered by Brilliant Implant meets and even exceeds the quality of the most widely used companies leading the industry. It's important to note that the standards set by Brilliant Implant are as high as the world’s leading implant manufacturers, certified with CE 1023 Approval, meeting ISO 13485:2003 and 13485:2012 standards.

Brilliant Implant provides a guaranteed lifetime warranty, offering EMS Express fast global shipping. Our professional agents are available 24/7 to provide comfortable customer service via Phone, Email, Whatsapp etc.. will guide you throughout the entire process

Brilliant Implant products are all made using the modern Internal Hexagon platform and are put through a multi-stage, medical-grade cleaning system matching 99% of dental instruments topnotch companies. We use the finest quality Grade V Titanium alloy (TI-6ALV-4V) for our implants. Every implant is manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment imported directly from the United States.

Over the past year the demand for Brilliant Implant has grown immensely, which drove up prices by 21%. However Brilliant Implant is still offering the best prices on the market although our market share has grown by 14% over the last quarter, based on a 50% rise in global spread.

We invite you to visit our online store at to examine our products and the great deals we offer.

For example, as a doctor you may be interested in an Expert Kit containing 50 Implants, 50 Abutments, 50 Transfers, 50 Healing Caps and 50 Analogs, which we offer for only $3,899 and get a FREE Surgical Kit.

For bulk orders of 1000+ units we offer a discount of over 65%. Other major dental suppliers would give you a quote of 30% - 45% higher for the exact same order. Customers placing large orders are eligible to receive a free flight ticket to come and visit the factory.

I am the exclusive authorized dealer of Brilliant Implants. I am very proud to represent a company that manufacturers such high quality dental products while offering such extraordinary savings and service. I want to note that Brilliant Implant searching for resellers worldwide, so feel free to contact for more information and submit your candidacy.

I would love to speak or meet with you personally to see how I can meet your needs. To reach me for more information please contact me by phone at +972 - 52685 - 8503 or by email at

Please visit our websites and pages for more information:

Company Website:
Online Store:
Facebook (over 11k likes within 3 months).

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