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One of the reasons for seeking cosmetic dental care is discoloration of the anterior teeth. Even those whose teeth are of normal color often want them whiter. With careful case selection, diagnosis, and treatment planning, bleaching can change a patient's smile dramatically. Vital tooth bleaching with peroxide is one of the most common cosmetic procedures to achieve this requirement.

Bleaching involves an oxidation process by which the molecules causing discoloration are chemically modified. Oxygenating agents like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are used for effective bleaching. The application of these agents is performed in the office by clinicians or at home by patients ultimately resulting in high patient satisfaction. The efficacy of bleaching depends on the type of stain, its etiology, the duration of the bleaching agent application, and the concentration of the peroxide used.

However, these bleaching agents were found to have a profound influence on the color behavior of tooth-colored restorations or perhaps even deteriorate them. Effects of various bleaching agents on restorative materials may require the replacement of existing restorations for esthetic reasons. Component systems of different restorative materials such as monomer systems in composites and acid components in glass ionomer cements (GIC) may show varied responses to bleaching agents.

Colorimetry is a branch of the science of color based on the digital expression of the color perceived from the object. In assessing chromatic differences, generally two systems are used: the Munsell color system and the Standard Comision Internationale de L, Eclairage (CIELAB) Color System. The American Dental Association recommends the use of the CIELAB color differential system. According to this system, all colors in nature are obtained through the blending of 3 basic colors: red, blue, and green in various proportions

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