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Benefits of flossing

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Chances are you've heard often from your dentist how flossing your teeth is important. You should try to floss every day in order to get all the benefits that flossing gives. Saving money on dental procedures and having a healthier mouth are just two of flossing's many benefits. Such benefits may even inspire you to floss two or three times a day.


Having problems with your teeth is not just bad for your health--it's not good for your wallet, either. If you've ever had procedures done at the dentist office, you know how expensive they can be, even if you do have insurance. Anything you can do to reduce time in the dentist chair is a good thing, and flossing just takes a minute or two out of your day.

Never flossing or doing it infrequently could lead dental problems. Brushing can only do so much and a piece of floss can get into places where a toothbrush can't reach. It can remove pieces of food your toothbrush wouldn't be able to get rid of. If you don't floss, the particles of food could stick there and contribute to tooth decay. A few minutes of flossing cleans in between teeth and reduces the chances of developing cavities. Just once a day can make a big difference in your mouth.

While you may think that flossing infrequently is okay, it's going to be more beneficial if you do it after every meal. If you don't floss, many of the food particles that become lodged in between your teeth sit there until they eventually happen to be dislodged. By that time, damage is usually been done.

When you are flossing, you are doing a great service to your mouth. You can easily remove food that is stuck in between your teeth, not only saving you from potential embarrassment if people see it, but also to help prevent bacteria from collecting up against the gum line and causing gum problems. Flossing may even help prevent bad breath. In addition, having food stuck in between your teeth is quite irritating and sometimes painful, so flossing can help your mouth feel comfortable.


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