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“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” so goes the old adage. Before the patient sees the dentist he sees the receptionist. His preliminary impressions of the facility are formed by the receptionist and not by the clinician. Therefore every clinician take utmost care in selecting and appointing front desk staff.

A common mistake made by many clinicians is to appoint “chicks” as their receptionists. This can be damaging to the practice. While there are many “chicks” who are very sincere, hard working and take their job seriously, many of them are inexperienced and may not have the necessary maturity to engage and converse with the patient. It would be better to employ a middle aged married lady, preferably with grown up children. Such a lady, if she has a motherly attitude will be able to engage the patient properly.

It is not that every “chick” is insincere or cannot converse with the  patient nor is it that every middle aged lady can improve the patients experience. But the chances are that a motherly, articulate and a sincere middle aged lady will be a better bet.

So whether you are employing “chicks” or a mature woman, train them properly and evaluate them at regular intervals.

After all, you have to make a living, earn your bread and butter, raise and settle your children from the revenue earned by treating your patients, who respect you so much.

Our patients do deserve a pleasant front office experience and therefore be extra careful if you hire “chicks”.  


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