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Avoid Early childhood tooth decay

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Advice to avoid cavities

Bébé et biberonEarly childhood tooth decay is an aggressive cavity that might need extensive treatments to repair damaged teeth. The good news is that decay can be avoided. Here are some tips to help prevention:

Keep the child from falling asleep with a bottle containing milk. A bottle should only be filled with water.
Avoid filling the bottle with juice or any other sweetened drink, because sucking on the bottle for a long time creates prolonged contact with the teeth.
Clean a baby's gums with a damp cloth, even if there are no teeth yet.
Avoid dipping the pacifier in honey, syrup, or any other sweet product.
The use of the bottle should start to be reduced around the age of 12 months, where the child should start drinking from a cup. At 15 months, the child's coordination becomes good and the bottle should not be used anymore.
Breastfeeding is the best way to prevent cavities and to help the development of the jaws.
If the child takes medications or sweetened syrups, teeth should be cleaned right after.
The child should be taught to take care of his teeth from an early age.
Take the child to a dentist for a checkup around the age two, or even sooner if something seems abnormal


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